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HUF X TOBIN YELLAND COLLABORATION | Born in Berkeley, CA, Tobin Yelland picked up photography at an early age with a focus on his immediate surroundings - the subculture and lifestyle of skateboarding. First published in Thrasher Magazine at age 15, Yelland's work has since expanded beyond the world of skateboarding to become a collection of images that lend voice to an entire generation, transcending many locales and social identities. He and Keith Hufnagel first met while shooting skate photos together in the early 1990s in New York City, and later lived together as roommates in Tobin's Glen Park house in San Francisco along with Mickey Reyes in the mid 90s.

Having previously collaborated on a photo tee series in 2011, HUF and Tobin team up once again on a limited-edition capsule of three photo tees and a hoodie, featuring: legendary NYC skateboarder Mike Hernandez, whom Keith grew up skateboarding with, photographed in Brooklyn; an iconic Wallride photo of Mickey Reyes shot in San Francisco; and a photo titled "Back Seat," featuring Mickey Reyes and Jef Whitehead, shot in San Francisco.