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HUF has partnered up with Blondie on a limited-edition collaboration celebrating the band’s 40th anniversary. Founded in the Lower East Side of New York City in 1974 by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein, Blondie was a leading pioneer in the early punk and new wave scenes of American music. Blondie’s eclectic musical style incorporates aspects of pop, disco, rap, and reggae, and has had a wide-reaching influence that has helped both shape and continue to guide the music, fashion, and art worlds of our generation. Featuring a custom Blondie repeat photo pattern and iconic images of the band, the HUF x Blondie capsule collection consists of a Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt, three Photo T-Shirts, 5-Panel Hat, Bucket Hat, Tote Bag, and Sutter Shoe.